The Hardest Part of the Workout is Getting Started

There are these moments where a thought creeps into your head and causes an internal battle with yourself.

Do I really want to lift this heavy tire? Do I really want to push myself to run 3 miles today?Do I really want to get out of bed 45 minutes earlier to workout before work because I know I’ll be too tired tonight to do it?

We all have those moments where we play the mental game with ourselves. The “do I really want to workout”, or the “I don’t think I can do this”, or the most famous “I know I really should...but I don’t feel like it...” game. But what happens when you play this mental game with yourself? Do you listen to your doubts, or do you shove the negative thoughts aside and push through? It’s what you choose to do in these moments of self-doubt, low motivation and lack of drive that will make or break your success. Motivation isn’t easy every single day. But you have a choice to keep pushing through, ignoring that little voice that says you can’t, and overcoming your obstacles!

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