Why "Me Time" is Good for Everyone

Are you someone who needs “me time” doing something you love? Or just need time alone to do your best thinking? I know I do!

I used to feel guilty about needing my gym time, my time to not have to stare at a computer working, or think about the hundreds of “to-do’s” around the house. One day I realized how necessary it was to take care of myself if I was going to be my best for others. In order to be our best for those that we care about and love most, and in order to be engaged, attentive, happy and fulfilled, it’s important to know what we need ourselves to be able to do those things. Whether it’s your devotional time, a shopping trip with your best friends, a morning to sleep in, a trip to the spa or even a workout without your kids surrounding you and needing your constant attention. If you want to be able to provide the BEST for those you care about most, never feel guilty about taking time for yourself so that you can be YOUR best possible self for them.


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