Strong and Lean Legs for Summer

summer legs on the beach

About this time of year, most women are starting to think about the dreaded season that is coming in just 3 short months. Summer! Which means it's time to start wearing shorts, skirts and think about swim suit shopping. And that means baring our legs more and revealing the extra layer of fat and cellulite we hide so well under jeans!

It's easy to feel self-conscious and pick ourselves apart as this dreaded season approaches, but taking some extra time to work on an area of your body you are unhappy with, can make a huge difference in a short amount of time!

Try this leg circuit workout that can be performed 1-3x per week, to help with toning your legs and getting them in shape for this summer!


Floor Bridge 3x10

Sumo Squat with DB 3x12 superset w/

Straight Leg Deadlifts with DB 3x12

Squat to Curtsy Lunge 3x10 each leg

Lying Abductors 3x12 each leg superset w/

Lying Adductors 3x12 each leg

Glute Kickback 4x15 each leg

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